Frequently asked questions

Yes, we have worked on several projects since their conception, including Startups. In other words we help our customers taking decisions using our experiences in web development, providing diferent artifacts and tools.

We keep all you project data and ideas secure. We’re able to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) or any other document to ensure property of your project.

At the begining of the project we devide the project in different milestones. At the begining of each milestone we discuss with you the detilas of the features that will be achieved in the milestone. At the end of every milestone, we deliver a working part of the product with the planned features and we notify you via email about the deails of the release.

We work on Both. When projects have defined goals, features or have limited budged we suggest to go with Fixed Price contracts. This help us determine the best product for your budget. Hourly contracts are normally used when we have to give technical support or, in rare cases, when the project priorities changes too fast.

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